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Light Breads

There is nothing quite like the taste of freshly baked bread. If you are creating a sandwich for lunch, or just simply having some toast with your morning breakfast, you will love our light breads!

Whole Wheat (loaf) - $2.45
A simple, yet delicious whole wheat bread.
Size: 1 lb loaf;
Raisin Twist (loaf) - $2.45
A braided egg bread, sprinkled with golden raisins.
Size: 1 lb loaf;
Butter Crust White (loaf) - $2.45
Traditional white bread that we all grew up loving. We put Wonderbread to shame!
Size: 1 lb loaf;

Dark European Breads

For those looking for a darker bread with a bold flavor, our rye breads are the perfect choice! High in fiber and a great addition to any meal, our rye bread is amoung the best!

Lithuanian Rye (loaf) - $2.95
Traditional Lithuanian Rye bread. Light and soft inside with some Caraway seeds and a rich dark crust.
Size: 2 lb loaf;
Pumpernickel (loaf) - $2.95
A dark brick like Pumpernickle, made with cracked rye.
Size: 2 lb loaf;
Polish Rye (loaf) - $2.95
Our lightest Rye. A blend of wheat and rye grains make a light rye bread with a golden crust.
Size: 2 lb loaf;
Sunflower Rye (loaf) - $2.95
A dark rye bread with sunflower seeds.
Size: 2 lb loaf;
Latvian Rye (loaf) - $2.95
Made with whole grains, it has a hearty-texture and is an excelent source of fiber.
Size: 2 lb loaf;

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