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Pastries & Cookies

Using recipes that have been perfected over the years and the finest ingredients, these handmade specialties have authentic flavor and flair. Our mouth watering pastries are always a treat!

Each day, we have dozens of delightful pastries and cookies in stock. It's your choice in putting together an assortment that will satisfy even the most diverse group of guests.

Big Cookies

We bake Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Rasin, Peanut Butter, Sugar, and several other varieties of big 4" cookies starting at just $1.35 each.

Bite-Sized Cookies

Try some of our bite-sized cookies and "kolackis". These delicate flacky pastries are made entirely by hand and filled with rich raspberry and apricot filling. They will melt in your mouth!

Chocolate Brownies

One of several signature desserts, our brownies are especially gooey, chewy, and rich! We sell them individually, or by the tray.